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Nala Sinephro's debut album "Space 1.8" is a musical narrative that escorts listeners into a realm where jazz intertwines with ambient music, showcasing a blend of acoustic and electronic resonances that nurture a meditative aura. This album is not merely a listening experience but a journey into a meticulously crafted soundscape. Let’s delve into the roots of this Caribbean-Belgian composer, the process of sculpting "Space 1.8", and the unique sounds that define this album.

A Journey From Classical to Cosmic:

Nala’s musical journey is heavily influenced by her early life in Belgium, where she grew up amidst a classical piano teacher mother and a jazz saxophonist father. Her initial exploration in music led her to an arts-based high school where she discovered her affinity for the harp, a stringed instrument that would later become part of her unique sound. Nala’s academic path took her to the Berklee College of Music, but she found her sound engineering job more enlightening. The racial disparity at a subsequent jazz college in London led to her dropping out, shifting the focus to her individualistic musical pursuits​​.

The Genesis of "Space 1.8":

The seeds for "Space 1.8" were sown in 2018 and 2019 when Nala began penning the songs. Initially composing on piano, she later recorded her pedal harp and modular synthesizer parts at home. The Pink Bird recording studio witnessed the collaborative efforts with other musicians like saxophonists Nubya Garcia and James Mollison, drummer Jake Long, and bassists Twm Dylan and Wonky Logic. Nala emphasized a minimalist and intentional approach during the composition, which shines throughout the album​.

The Sonic Landscape:

"Space 1.8" is an embodiment of meditative and introspective tunes, where spiritual jazz and ambient music serenade each other. The album encompasses a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments, forging meditative pieces that transcend the earthly realm to probe the future's possibilities. The amalgam of driving percussion, gentle saxophone chords, and modular synth in tracks like 'Space 6' create a soothing, breath-like sound, while the harp's delicate notes in subsequent tracks add a dreamy, cosmic vibe. The fusion of these elements crafts an aura that is as serene as it is stirring​.
Final Remarks:
"Space 1.8" is a remarkable debut from Nala Sinephro that beautifully encapsulates her journey and musical prowess. While the album is a soothing reverie, the technicality and unique instrumental blend stand as a testament to Nala's musicianship. The experience of "Space 1.8" is akin to a gentle voyage into one’s inner cosmos, a narrative that resonates beyond the final note.
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